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Is the detention of Chee Siok Chin and John Tan lawful?

Protest by Burmese against ASEAN closing its eyes on the injustices happening in Burma

Police detain Singaporeans when they are unable say which law they break (Part 1)

Police detain Singaporeans when they are unable say which law they break (Part 2)

Which side is right?

The Police or Miss Chee & Mr Tan?

Judge for yourself after watching the videos.

Chee Siok Chin writes to Wong Kan Seng
Singapore Democrats
21 Nov 07

21 November 2007

Mr. Wong Kan Seng
Minister for Home Affairs
New Phoenix Park, 28 Irrawaddy Road
Singapore 329560

Dear sir,

I would like to refer you to the incident that occurred on 20 November 2007 along Orange Grove Road when Mr John Tan and I were illegally detained by the police.

The intent of this letter is not to inform you of the incident as I am certain you have been quite thoroughly apprised. Instead I would like to seek several clarifications from you as the Minister for Home Affairs.

Although Mr Tan and I were told that we were in a Protected Area, at no time did the police say that we were trespassing or forbidden to be in the vicinity. None of the police officers were able to cite any law that prohibited us from going to the Shangri-la Hotel.

What right did the police have to stop Mr Tan and I from going towards the Shangri-la Hotel after having been told that we were going there for a meal?

When asked if we had committed any offence and if we were being arrested, we were categorically told “no” to both questions. That being the case, what right did the police have in man-handling and forcing us into a vehicle?

If the vehicle belonged to the Singapore Police Force, why was it unmarked?

Was it legal for the police to take us to a place against our will when we had not committed any offence?

What right did the police have in not only harassing but manhandling Mr Tan and me?

What right did the police have in forcefully taking us away to a place when we were not under arrest?

In addition to this, Mr Tan was prevented from leaving the police vehicle when we were brought to Orchard Hotel? The police had restrained him and he had to physically struggle with the officers to get out of the van. Is this not a form of physical abuse?

The actions of the police in the mentioned incident is a grave violation of our constitutional rights, individual liberties and personal security.

How can it be said that the Singapore is built on the rule of law when those of us living in this country can be subjected to such arbitrary, illegitimate and physical actions by the police?

I look forward to your clarifications.


Chee Siok Chin


At 9:48 PM, January 27, 2008, Anonymous Chew said...

After watching the 2 parts video regarding the detention of Chee Siok Chin and John Tan, all I can say is that those police officers are a disgrace, not only as a police, but as a Singaporean as well.

The sad fact is simply that all they know to do are parroting and repeating the same sentences over and over again. Is that all to our supposingly wonderful education system? Can't they even give an intelligent response or explanation when they are being challenged?

For goodness sake, yes, it's a protected area. Yes, we know you do have a right to take action if despite repeated warnings, a troublemaker refuses to leave. However, what had happened seems to be that the police are harassing the lady intead of her being the troublemaker. Was she causing a public nuisance? Was she carrying a weapon or bomb? Was there even any reason why you bullies singled her out for this type of treatment other than the fact that she is the sister of an opposition member?

Come on, if Singapore wants to be world-class, police should have world-class conducts as well. What I saw was not professional at all, more like a bunch of rag-tag hooligans accosting and surrounding a victim. If you think she is potential trouble, but you do not have enough evidence to prove it, send someone to tail her for further observation. By bunching her and her companion by force into a vehicle, it's basically no better than kidnapping. By refusing to let them go about their ways without a valid reason and satisfactory reason, it's simply harassment and illegal detention.

By the way, if any police officer are reading this, please tell your colleagues in that 2 clips that the phrase "this is a protected area" is not a reason, it's a just a statement. And by that, it doesn't really warrant or explain what you are warning her about. You don't make yourself clear, and yet you expect them to understand why they should clear that area? But then again, looking at how Michael Tan, the officer-in-charge, behaves, no wonder all his subordinates are of the same mold. I will bet that most of them don't even have half a clue why they are there, well, apart from the obvious repetition of "this is a protected area. Almost sounded like a mantra to me. As for you Michael Tan, go get yourself into some grooming classes and learn how to speak to people again. Do you bark orders to everyone including your wife and kids and expect that your will be done at the snap of a finger? I pity your wife and kids, that is, if you have any. Thank god you are not in US or UK, else you will surely be cited for professional mis-conduct.

Thanks to anyone reading my rambling. This old man left Singapore 4 years ago because the government people was pathetic back then and it doesn't look like things are improving. So I guess I will expect myself not to go back for a long long time. Good luck to you all who are still there. If you can leave, take the 1st plane out.

At 10:06 PM, March 12, 2008, Blogger BEAST said...

I thought such fracas only happens in third world countries like......Burma?

Too bad.......Singaporeans have no rights......the moment we vote for the men in white, this is the exact karma we get.


At 10:23 PM, March 12, 2008, Blogger BEAST said...

Our imperial police force:

Trained to detain women, children and the elderly, and at the same time adept at letting terrorists walk out of prison with a swagger.

Good going coppers. I won't be surprised if another 911 incident happens right here on our shores.



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