Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PM Lee says he want to introduce Means Testing in Singapore hospital!

Singapore is all about $.

Got $ kill people also can get medical care, if no $ then should not "heedlessly prolong" their lives.

I already had my say on this issue of means testing.

I OPPOSE means testing for healthcare.

I do not want Singapore's medical system turning into an American one. Look here, here and here to see what other Singaporeans have to say about how our healthcare system is being Americanized.

I also think that PAP are being misleading to Singaporeans during the GE2006.

I urge all S'poreans to take watch the video below by Tony Benn and register your opinion at the CNA's opinion poll (left hand side).

PM Lee suggests hospitals implement means testing to help the poor
By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 29 October 2007 1926 hrs

SINGAPORE : Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has suggested that hospitals implement means testing to help the lower income group.

This is to determine how much patients should be subsidised, based on their means.

Mr Lee said this is a sensitive issue and the Health Ministry (MOH) will be consulting unions on this.

He was addressing over 1,000 unionists at the NTUC Delegates conference on Monday.

Good and affordable healthcare has been one important issue facing Singaporeans.

While many initiatives are being rolled out to address this, PM Lee told unionists that subsidies will still be needed to help the lower income.

To ensure that subsidies are given only to those who need them most, hospitals may need to implement means testing.

PM Lee said: "It's not easy to do; it's a very sensitive (issue) and the Ministry of Health is studying this carefully. The idea is there, but how do we implement it fairly and simply without making hospital care unaffordable for the middle income group.

"Once MOH has some firmer ideas, (Health Minister) Khaw Boon Wan and his team will consult the unions on what to do and how to go about doing this."

Mr Lee assured the labour movement that the government will always keep in close touch with the unions on all major issues.

Going forward, he said the government must now make sure that workers benefit from the growth and vitality of the economy. But the government cannot assume this would come about automatically. And in some cases, some special attention or action would be required.

Special attention to the economy has helped it grow 7.6 percent in the first half of the year, according to Mr Lee.

For the whole year, growth could possibly hit the top end of the government's forecast of 7-8 percent. But the current turbulence in global financial markets remains a risk factor.

Turning to the booming property market in Singapore, both in the prime office space and residential segments, Mr Lee noted that the Urban Redevelopment Authority has withdrawn the Deferred Payment Scheme for property purchases last Friday.

"This step will help to dampen excessive speculation and to inject some reality into the market. But more fundamental than the ups and downs of the property cycle, the government is committed to keeping housing affordable for Singaporeans," said the Prime Minister.

Mr Lee assured them that the government will continue to monitor trends closely and take further action if necessary. The aim is to make sure that the property market stays in balance over the long term.

Mr Lee also stressed that Singapore is successful only after difficult adjustments over the years.

He said: "Because we have taken these steps, each one difficult but each one necessary, we have moved forward together. We have stayed competitive, stayed ahead of other countries, our neighbours and we have prospered.

"Why have we been able to make these changes? It's not that other countries don't know they are necessary, but we have moved one step faster than others. And one major reason we have been able to do this is because of the strong support of the labour movement."

With the government, workers and employers working together as a winning formula, Mr Lee stressed that Singapore must keep on adjusting and adapting in order to stay ahead. - CNA /ls


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