Friday, October 07, 2005

ST columnist Chua Mui Hoong say freedom of press in Singapore should be improved!

From ST:

In this respect, other areas that may need improvement would be those that Singapore does badly in the competitiveness ratings. A look at the 2004 report is instructive. There is one indicator in which Singapore fares even worse than in primary school enrolment.

In freedom of the press, Singapore is ranked a dismal 98th out of 104.

Now that's another rating we should all beaver away at together to try to improve.

Why primary education and health ranked so low
Chua Mui Hoong
Oct 7, 2005

It is really kind of amusing when you think about the background of the person who wrote this article. As many might have already known, Miss Chua Mui Hoong’s sister Miss Chua Lee Hoong (ST's most prominent political columnist cum senior editorial staff.), used to be an ISD "analyst". And of course Miss Chua Lee Hoong isn’t the only one. (Our gahmen so kiasu one where got enough right? Have a look at here for the more complete list.)

Now, it isn’t Mui’s fault that her sister worked for ISD before joining Straits Times. However if she is really serious about wanting to improve the freedom of press in Singapore, there is something she can do. She can start by persuading her sister to quit working for Straits Times.

If she ever managed to get her sister to quit, I am sure that many Singaporeans will applaud her courageous efforts in helping Singapore to improve its disgraceful world ranking on the freedom of the press.

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