Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wah Singapore union dared to strike ah! Strike against a Temasek Linked Company (TLC) somemore!

When I read this article, my 1st reaction is: "Zhun bo? Mai hao siao lah... S’pore where got simi lanjiao strike 1?"

I always thought that S’pore’s unions is like what Rockson had said:
No, our champion union say, Thank you big oversea company for come here to invest Singapore, Singapore worker is really need to upgrade, so sorry our worker is not good enough for you. Don't worry, we wun let them suka suka strike one. We dowan hurt your company feeling.
Then SMRT is TLC somemore leh! They wanna die ah, strike…

I still remember that got that pai kia Malaysian FT SIA pilot Ryan Goh kenna kicked out of Singapore by our most venerable Lao Lee.

Lao Lee say that this pai kia Malaysian FT Ryan Goh is the ‘“chief instigator” behind the move to sack the SIA pilots’ union leadership after it had approved pay and job cuts during the SARS crisis’ and ‘had “surreptitiously” taken actions “that would undermine industrial peace in SIA and also put the economic interests of Singapore at risk.”’ (Get from Think Centre 1.)

But I think MRT is also very important for our economy leh, since it carries so many people. Dunno how many man-hours and income will be lost if SMRT people decided to strike man (Sunday also got a lot of people work ok!). Even last time our ex-president Ong sanctioned a 2 days strike against a MNC when he is the head of NTUC he also must do it secretly or else sure kenna stopped. That union head Ong Ah Heng not scared of being fuck backside for organising strike ah?

Then I noticed that Ong Ah Heng is also a PAP Labour MP. Maybe like tat then can strike. Only gahmen MPs can organise strike against gahmen companies. If the strikes are against big overseas companies and/or are organised by opposition people or FTs one then cannot liao. Gahmen cannot let opposition people or FTs anyhow strike, wait they drive away big oversea companies and make gahmen lose face.

But sometimes hor, big gahmen company like SMRT also dunno why so fucked up. I thought gahmen should take care of its people 1? Why gahmen company can agree to increase in salary (3%) and performance bonus (1-3%) then break promise say no $ to pay the workers 1? If really no have $ still nebermind, but how come SMRT still can pay the shareholders (actually is Temasek Holdings aka gahmen lah) 3% from the profits huh? Heng that Ong Ah Heng (*heng ah heng? hahahaha) got balls to question his bosses and threaten to strike, or else huh the SMRT workers really kenna “eaten up” gahmen man~


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