Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What is wrong with LTA?!?

Seriously, it is hard not to wonder what is wrong with LTA nowadays. There has been one fiasco after the other coming from LTA for a few years now.

LTA's problems started way back from the when the opening of NEL is delayed not once, not twice but THRICE from November 2002 to April 2003 to June 2003. The delays are due to the technical problems (caused largely by its own making by choosing a untested fully automated system over the tried and tested one with drivers) and when part of Eu Tong Sen Street caved in on November 1999.

Barely a year later in April 2004, there is the Nicoll Highway collapse during the construction work of the circle line. 4 people are killed in the accident and a major delay in the construction is caused. The investigation report on the accident has exposed serious failings within LTA and the main contractor for the project.

However LTA's problems does not end there. In 2005 there is again problems coming out of LTA. For example earlier this year it is discovered that commuters taking buses are frequently overcharged by the EZ Link system.

Then there is the White Elephants Incident in August 2005, where residents living near Buangkok MRT station placed eight white cardboard elephants in various poses lined the road that leads to Buangkok MRT station during a visit by Dr Balakrishnan to complain in a humorous way against the continuing closure of the station. Transport Minister Mr Yeo Cheow Tong then promised to ask LTA to conduct a feasibility study and give an answer within 'a month or so'. Apparently that is beyond LTA’s ability as later Mr Yeo changed his words and said it would takes a few months. A police investigation is also launched to find out who placed the cardboards there and see if any offence has been committed due to a complain from public. It is, however, unclear that who actually lodged the complain.

During the same month there is also the Hock Kee House affair where the owners of the place are first only given one month to get their asses out of the place, before public pressure made LTA extend the deadline to 3rd of October. Mr Yeo has since apologised for the debacle that is entirely of LTA own making.

I really wonder why should any Singaporean tolerate this sort of nonsense dished out by LTA. I really hope in the upcoming elections, Singaporeans would grab the chance and hold the politicians responsible for these fiascos. The best way to do so is, of course, by removing the minister who is in charge of the incompetent LTA...


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