Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spare a thought for our fellow Singaporeans at Hougang and Potong Pasir

Received an email from a reader about this petition.

I agree with the statement and had signed it.

Readers who support fellow S'poreans living in Potong Pasir and Hougang should consider signing it too.

Spare a thought for our fellow Singaporeans at Hougang and Potong Pasir

To: The Prime Minister of Singapore

My Fellow Singaporeans,

Many of us cheered for the people in Hougang and Potong Pasir when the elections result came out on 6 May 2006.

Many of us also felt strongly that these 2 wards should not be left behind in the nation building just because they have voted for the Oppositions.

I appeal to you my fellow Singaporeans to please join me in showing your support for them. Let them know we are not standing on the sidelines just cheering for them. Our hearts are with them!

We want to thank them for showing us the true meaning of integrity, loyalty, not bowing to pressure, not submitting to material temptation. In short, there are more important values in life other than just MONEY!

Let’s hope through this showing of solidarity as one united people of Singapore we will touch the heart of our PAP Government and they will reconsider their current policy on upgrading which has left Singaporeans in Hougang and Potong Pasir last in the queue – even though their estates are older and therefore their needs greater.

Perhaps, our Government can start by allocating some funds to work for some fundamental upgrading… like lifts on every floor.

Your voice matters! Our voices matter!

Thank you!

TO: The Prime Minister of Singapore

Dear Sir

I am an ordinary Singaporean who is not affiliated to any political party in Singapore. And I live in a PAP-held ward. However, as a concerned Singaporean and a pro-Singapore citizen, I felt compelled to speak up for my fellow Singaporeans in Hougang and Potong Pasir who showed to the rest of Singapore that they have the courage to stand up for the MP who has worked so selflessly for them and also the SOUL to reject material goodies. Aren’t such qualities admirable?

In fact, these fellow Singaporeans at Hougang and Potong Pasir clearly demonstrate that the ‘glue’ that bonds citizens and country is not just endless money incentives and countless upgrading on the façade. We need better heartware and not hardware!

When I watched the press conference during the wee hours of 7 May and I heard you said “Not all who voted for the Opposition reject the PAP programme or the PAP Government,”

“Now that the elections are over, we should come together again as one people,” you said. “Whichever party that you voted for, let’s close ranks, and in the words of the manifesto, stay together and move ahead,” it gave me (and many others) hope.

Yes, Singapore has moved ahead since our independence in 1965. We have come this far because of far-sighted political leadership, as well as all Singaporeans rallying as one to build this nation.

But then I heard the news that as the people of Hougang and Potong Pasir have voted for the Opposition, the upgrading carrot has been withdrawn and they go to the back of the queue. Now, the whole nation will move ahead except 2 wards – 2 Opposition wards!

Should more than 38,000 of our fellow Singaporeans have to “suffer” because they have soul? Should the other residents who voted for PAP be deprived of the upgrading program? It would not reflect well on the government if it allows “politically-generated slums” to evolve because the powerful ruling party withholds the people’s money just because they voted against them! This would make our government dangerously close to being labelled “tyrannical”.

I am not against the PAP Government but I am against the linking of votes to lifts and estates upgrading.

I have watched you spoke on television many times and read your speeches on the papers, especially since you became our Prime Minister. I believe that you are sincere, open-minded and prepared to listen to the ground. I therefore, urge you to show compassion and magnanimity to our fellow Singaporeans in Hougang and Potong Pasir. They are, after all, Singapore citizens who have contributed to nation building as much as anyone else. Moreover, they have made the same sacrifices as everyone else in difficult times.

This is my country, this is my flag,
This is my future, this is my life,
This is my family, these are my friends,
We are Singapore, Singaporeans!


The Undersigned


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