Friday, May 05, 2006

PM Lee: "I am not letting it go."

"I am not letting it go. After the election, there will have to be a proper public resolution. But for now, the more urgent priority is that I want people to have a right frame of mind when they vote, to have the right considerations."
PM Lee on the James Gomez affair and the 2006 GE.

Walau, PM Lee you still wanna "fix" the opposition ah?!?!

JBJ, Francis Seow, Tang Liang Hong and even Dr Chee Soon Juan still not enough ah?!?

Whatever happen to the "open and inclusive society" you promised?!?!

I am very disappointed with you, PM Lee.

Please "move on"...


At 11:57 AM, May 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First world government?

Mr. Lee how do you justify your claim that the government is a 'first class' one when you threatened to 'fix' the opposition because you feel that if 10-20 Opposition MPs were in Parliament, you would have difficulty ruling?

Are you saying that you have no confidence in your leadership qualities, so much so a mere 12% - 25% can make you feel frightened?

What do you mean by 'fix'? It seems to many people 'fix' implies an illegal means of action, especially against a foe. May I remind you that you are a politician of the ruling party, not the Godfather of the Mafia. So please refrain from using such words because you sound exactly like the 'riffraff' you claim the Opposition to be.



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