Sunday, March 12, 2006

Will there be equal treatment for all candidates?

It is a well-known fact that the local media had not been very kind with opposition parties members, especially during election times.

However recently there seems to be some small but significant changes happening with our local media. They are seemingly beginning to be more objective with their reporting on the opposition parties.

This is definitely a improvement from the past, however I wonder will this continue when it comes to the crunch time, ie. the election period.

PAP will be introducing their new candidates very soon. It is a given that these candidates will be well publicized by our local media as always. But it remains to be seen if the opposition candidates will too receive equal coverage by our local media.

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Posted: 12 March 2006 2145 hrs

PAP to introduce new candidates soon

By S. Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia
SINGAPORE : Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong says the People's Action Party (PAP) will start introducing its new candidates within a week or two, and he says there will be a significant number of minority and lots of women candidates.

He says in each election, the PAP fields a team which has a balance of experience and freshness.

Asked about the opposition's recent meeting, Mr Lee says it sounded good but a lot of blank faces were still there in pictures published in the newspapers.

But for now, the PAP Secretary-General would not reveal details about the retiring MPs.

Mr Lee says: "Well the total number of MPs in the constituencies remain constant, so for every new MP we field we have to turn over one of the existing MPs. So we have not made a final decision yet.

"But in each election, we field a team which is a balance of experience and freshness, and new faces will come and people with experience and proven, who will provide leadership and who will round up the whole team.

"The numbers we will settle later on, as I said, we have at least 20 new candidates, lots of women and a significant number of minorities."

He says there will also be young candidates.

Mr Lee says: "We have put in a lot of emphasis looking for people who are in their forties, some early thirties, maybe some even younger than that because it is important that we get leaders in early to show Singaporeans that in fact this is a team that is in touch with the new population. We are not only representing you but we are from your generation and we have some. When they are introduced, you will meet them." - CNA/de


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