Saturday, November 12, 2005

Guest writer

Ever since at82(the blogger of this blog) asked me to contribute some ideas to his blog, I've been stumped by how hard it actually is to put down thoughts on screen in a coherent way. Over the past year or so, at82 and myself have discussed Singapore's affairs over long dinners, and i suppose that was the catalyst for his starting of this blog. I hope blog viewers(is that the right word??) will appreciate my effort since blogging and writing about these topics is fairly alien to me.


At 9:49 PM, November 12, 2005, Blogger at82 said...

relac la... no need so uptight... keke...

At 9:33 PM, November 13, 2005, Blogger BEAST said...


I can understand. I have been running my blog for almost a year now.

Initially, I started by writing dialogues, then it progressed into an anti-MLM campaign. Now I simply write what I feel I need to write.

Requires a lot of discipline, and if you are a Singaporean, you need to be very careful where you tread.

The Beast

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